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A Visit To The Villari's In Barre

posted Jul 23, 2014, 8:14 AM by Keith Hathaway   [ updated Jul 23, 2014, 8:15 AM ]
Last night I had the chance to go down to Barre (Thank you Mr. Johnson, Miss Grace, Miss Aboukhalil, and Eli).  At the Villari's studio, Freddie LaPan was teaching classes for the evening.  He and his students were as enthusiastic and welcoming as ever.  It's always uplifting to walk into the familiar sounds and activities of a positive dojo like theirs.

Everyone thought our new tee shirts were awesome.  Don't be surprised to see strangers wearing the same tee at tournaments or around town, they are just friends of ours you haven't met yet.  Make sure to say hello.  

Master LaPan is recovering nicely from his most recent hip operation.  His physical conditioning and mental fortitude help him to overcome challenges and stay on track.  Although he says he still has a ways to go, it is apparent that he is bouncing and kicking well already.  

We were able to talk briefly about martial-arts in general.  He was very supportive of our curriculum.  One thing that he did stress was the importance of including sufficient self-defense training and practice.  Self-defense is and has always been a part of our classes; lets use this mention of it as a reminder.  Techniques should be simple, easy to learn, require no physical gifts, and most importantly: effective.  The basic scenarios should be practiced many, many times.  The more repetition the better.

One last thing to share today.... Freddie is intending to come up to Essex Jct. or St. Albans in the near future to work with our students.  It might be a rotating sparring session, a full blown seminar including other schools, or anywhere in between.  When a date is set everyone will be notified promptly of the details.

Have a super day,
Keith Hathaway